©2019 by A J B Hampton

I am an Assistant Professor in Christianity at the University of Toronto in the Department for the Study of Religion. My research and teaching falls under three interrelated areas: First, I examine the history of the philosophy of religion, in relation to the platonic-Christian tradition, and its complex and creative role in the development of Christianity. Second, I examine the relationship between religion and aesthetics, with a specific focus on the relationship between poetical forms and the communication and representation of transcendent ideas and spiritual feeling. Finally, related to both areas, I examine the connection between religion and nature, particularly between enchanted and disenchanted representations of nature, and their relationship to environmental degradation. 


In a historical context, my work has focused upon modern religious thought in the Christian tradition and the history of Christian Platonism. By examining the relationship between religion, philosophy and aesthetics, I explore the process of the continual creative re-invention that occurs throughout the history of Christianity. In examining this process my work takes up themes concerning biblical hermeneutics, religious poetics, orthodox and heterodox spirituality, faith and reason, disenchantment and re-enchantment, and the metaphysics of participation.


My book, Romanticism and the Re-Invention of Modern Religion, takes up these themes at the turn into the nineteenth century. Another text which I am co-editing, Christian Platonism: A History, aims to provide a comprehensive overview of a key dimension in Christianity’s long engagement with the Platonic philosophical tradition. My current book project, The Transcendence of Nature, explores the relationship between metaphysics and our understanding of nature. 


I gained my PhD in the Philosophy of Religion from Cambridge in 2015. I also hold an MPhil from Oxford in Philosophical Theology, an MA in Religious Studies from Stanford, and a BA in Literary Studies and Philosophy from the University of Toronto.