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Elements in the History of Philosophy and Theology in the West

Series Description


Elements in the History of Philosophy and Theology in the West, published by Cambridge University Press, will offer an authoritative, systematic, and accessible set of introductions to major historical figures, concepts, and developments in fifty volumes. In both the history of philosophy and theology many figures and topics are considered to be either theological or philosophical. This series aims to complicate this binary opposition, whilst covering the history of this conversation from antiquity to the present. In doing so, the series will draw from the scholarly attention this area has received in the past decade, which has revisited the traditional elements of the field and generated newly productive areas of historical enquiry. 

Editorial Board



Alexander J.B. Hampton (University of Toronto) 


Editorial Board

Shaun Blanchard (Notre Dame University, Australia)

Sean McGrath (Memorial University)

Jennifer Newsome Martin (University of Notre Dame, USA) 

Willemien Otten (University of Chicago)

Catherine Pickstock (University of Cambridge)

Jacob H. Sherman (California Institute of Integral Studies)
Charles Taliaferro (St. Olaf College) 

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